Antique Terrarium

Global warming is wreaking havoc on amphibians, reptiles and insects, causing a staggering loss of biodiversity. Biodiversity is used to gauge the health of an ecosystem and ultimately the survival of our planet. Insect, amphibian and reptile reproduction is tied to extremely narrow windows of time when suitable temperature and moisture regimes coincide. Climbing temperatures cause destruction to foraging, mating and reproduction. These adverse impacts put countless species in danger of future extinction.

My series Antique Terrarium is inspired by my fascination for all forms of life, including insects, reptiles and amphibians. I feel a deep desire to document and celebrate the beauty of wildlife while faithfully attempting to heighten awareness concerning the need to protect and preserve these small yet significant creatures. As a very young girl my fondest memory was sitting on my grandmother’s porch while she showed me tintypes of my great grandmother and other loved ones. Holding these tintypes in my hand and gazing into the eyes of my ancestors while hearing stories of my grandmother’s childhood was an experience I hold dear to my heart. Those tintypes were my first exposure to the art of photography. My series Antique Terrarium is a melding of my lifelong passion for wildlife photography and my deep appreciation of the tintype image.