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Dianne Yudelson is an award winning photographic artist, curator, juror and founder of New Eclecticism Photography in 2010. Her photographs have been published in over 50 countries on 6 continents. Publications include the Washington Post, International New York Times, The New Yorker, CNN, The Huffington Post, Slate Magazine, Self, MilionKobiet, Harper’s Bazar, Ladepeche, Linda, and the Daily Mail.  Dianne is the creator and editor of The New Eclecticism Photography online magazine debuting in 2024.


Notable exhibitions which included Dianne’s work were in the Natural History Museum; National Geographic Museum; Griffin Museum of Photography; The FENCE in Photoville NY, Boston, Houston and Atlanta; The Center for Fine Art Photography; MOPLA Smashbox Studios; Espace Dupon, France; Chaing Mai Festival, China; Kolga Tbilisi, Georgia; The Warehouse Gallery, Malaysia; Rooftop Farmani Gallery, Thailand; St. Andrew’s University, Scotland; and the Municipal Heritage Museum, Spain.

Dianne’s top photographic honors include "Photographer of the Year" titles from three acclaimed international competitions; Black and White Spider Awards, International Color Awards, and World Photography Gala Pollux Awards. She is a two time Critical Mass Finalist who also received a Julia Margaret Cameron Award; First Place awards in Fine Art at the International Photography Awards; GOLD awards in Fine Art Paris Photography Prize; Grand Prize Winner in the New York Center for Photographic Arts; Gold medalist San Francisco International Exhibition; First Place in Professional Women Photographers; and honors in the London International Creative Competition for four consecutive years. 


Dianne graduated Summa Cum Laude from the University of California, Berkeley.

 “My fascination with photography began upon the realization that, in addition to being a wonderful means of documentation, photography can also be used as a fine art medium. My style is eclectic. In the fine tradition of eclectic artists, from DaVinci to Uelsmann, I embrace the challenge of exploring varied subjects and forms of expression. By that I mean, neither subject matter nor genre solely defines my images; they are defined by my artistic aesthetic.”

“Throughout my life art has been the one true common thread, the stitches that bind my chapters together. As a photographic artist, I embrace the ability to spotlight my point of view and give a voice to my imagination." 

Dianne Yudelson Photography, LLC

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Black and White Spider Fellow 

Dianne Yudelson and Rocio de Alba
Photolucida 2017 

 Self Portriat June 2017  © Dianne Yudelson

Dianne Yudelson at the Lucie Foundation Award Gala